Dental Implants and Bone Grafting Made Easier Than You Ever Imagined

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Dental

One way that dentists implant fake teeth in patients’ mouths is through dental implant surgery, which anchors a metal post in the jaw on which fake teeth are screwed on and off using the aforementioned post. Dental implant surgery is ideal for people who have one chipped or missing tooth. People with more teeth missing are better off with dentures and bridges. Learn what everybody needs to know about dental implants before getting them yourself.

People who get dental implants in Jacksonville fair better with them if their jaws have a healthy bone structure. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, also known as the AAP, people who are thought of as good candidates for potential dental implant surgeries also are generally healthy, not to mention healthy in the gums. Dental implants in Jacksonville are only ideal for people whose jawbones have grown to their maximum size.

Dentists in the United States almost always place titanium posts for dental implants because they form as one with jawbones, effectively serving as the lifelong cement that is designed to be the anchor of all dental platforms. Further, dental implants are a good fit in everyone who suffers from at least one bone problem that would interfere with the aforementioned joining of substances.

If patients seeking dental implants don’t have strong enough jawbones, they sometimes have bone removed from their mouths in the form of a bone graft and placed on the portion of the jawbone that isn’t up to par. Bone grafts are used for people who don’t have enough bone below the spaces where they’re missing teeth. They serve as a wider base for the metal posts mentioned above.

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