If you and your partner both wish to sleep in the same bed, but you still want plenty of personal space; a king size mattress is ideal. Before you rush off and buy a king mattress in Lafayette there are a few things that you should take into account, the first of which is space.

A mattress takes up a lot of space; the first thing you really need to consider is if your room will allow for the footprint. Once you have carefully measured the bedroom and decided upon the best place for the bed ask yourself if there is enough space left to move around comfortably as well as sufficient space for other furnishings. If there really is insufficient space you are faced with two options; move or focus on a queen size mattress; a little smaller but still ample for the comfort of two people.

If you have enough space for a king mattress the next thing to investigate is the firmness. Major mattress manufacturers offer beds in a wide range of firmness. If you and your partner have different desires when it comes to firmness there are mattresses that accommodate this requirement.

As well as firmness pay particular attention to manufacturers. Like everything else, the mattress industry is dynamic; there are many new innovations in bedding that may not have been available when you last purchased a mattress. Many couples find that a memory foam king mattress in Lafayette provides excellent support. A memory foam mattress molds to the shape of the body, this eliminates bothersome pressure points on the hips, ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders. Memory foam can also deal with motion, this is great if either you or your partner tends to move around or get out of bed during the night.

Of course price is important, to most people the price is of equal importance to firmness. There is a wide range of mattress designs available, many offer high quality and are quite affordable, you will have to visit numerous stores perhaps but you can save if you shop local stores. Pay attention to the warranty just in case the mattress fails to hold up as it should. Although price is an important element, try not to scrimp, purchase the best king mattress in Lafayette that you can, in this way you can expect it to last for a number of years before it requires replacing.

If you and your partner prefer plenty of space when you sleep you will love a king mattress in Lafayette. For the best solution to your sleeping needs rely on the experienced staff at Mattress Direct, Visit MDSerta.com to know more information.