Have you ever felt as if there are a million different THC products out there? You aren’t alone. If you aren’t quite sure what to look for, it can feel as though your choices are endless and there is no clarification in sight.

But when choosing a distillate wax cartridge in Boston, MA, there are a few factors that are worth considering. Before long, you will feel confident that you are using the best product for your money.

Clarity Is Vital

Perhaps the most important factor to a distillate wax cartridge in Boston MA is the clarity. There are different extraction methods that are used and the method that the company in question uses can make a big difference in the overall clarity.

When you go with a company that puts clarity above all else, you know that the product you use won’t have much in the way of contaminants in it. Those can impact the enjoyment that you get out of the product.

Keep Potency in Mind

Of course, potency may be the most important factor as well because it can have a major impact on your overall enjoyment of the product. When you go with a product that is a little too potent for you, it can drastically impact the feeling that you get.

Start out with a product that is low potency. You can always go up later if you decide that you need something more potent down the line.