Connected TV advertising is proliferating because of the massive viewership base available. Modern consumers are dropping traditional cable and satellite television services. Consequently, advertising dollars on these platforms are less effective, adding needless expenditures.

Nevertheless, viewers are easy to reach if your products appear on connected devices. Since 73% of shows are watched on connected devices, these platforms are wide-reaching. In addition, your campaign can be shown to selected demographics, improving its effectiveness.

Broadly Reaching Campaigns

In 2020, 48.5 million members of Gen X were watching content on streaming platforms. Additionally, 32.8 million baby boomers have similar viewing habits. Since these streaming services have such large audiences, their advertising potential is excellent.

Besides reaching more overall viewers, each ad is more likely to be seen entirely. Over-the-top ads are un-skippable, meaning viewers must sit through them before watching content. As a result, OTT’s completion rate reaches 95%.

Cross-Platform Campaigning Options

Many advertisers struggle with connected platforms since there are multiple services. However, a well-run campaign will be placed on all the platforms. Companies can showcase products and services on any major platform, from Pluto TV to Tubi.

Targeted Demographic Selection

Likewise, a company can target specific demographic groups and enhance its efficiency. By only showing ads to likely buyers, conversion rates usually improve. Thus, their money provides an improved rate of return, as each dollar creates more sales. Then, launching an effective campaign is less costly as a consequence.

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