Selecting the right general contractor is essential to the success of any commercial paving or other heavy infrastructure project in Jacksonville.  When the wrong contractor is chosen, the results can be less than satisfactory in terms of quality of construction, proper planning, coordination among sub-contractors and adherence to construction time schedules. Therefore, it’s important for commercial owners as well as public authorities to know the characteristics to look for in a quality general contractor Jacksonville firm.

Reliability and Professionalism
Successful commercial construction outcomes require competent and reliable leadership to manage and direct all of the skill sets involved on a particular project. Whether the tasks involve commercial paving, land clearing, asphalt repair, demolition or other private and public sector construction services, a quality general contractor Jacksonville company respects its client by keeping its word and answering any questions posed by the owner. It also stays organized at all stages of the project and deals with everyday responsibilities in an efficient and professional manner.

The reputation of a particular heavy commercial contractor can be easily researched and discovered. The main way to uncover a contractor’s track record and standing in the city is through their references. Quality firms will have a list of previous projects and contact information of references to back up the contractor’s claims regarding results. In addition, states licensing boards may provide records of any past license suspensions or negative claims against the company. As well, business partners, such as other subcontractors and material suppliers etc. should have a working knowledge to share about the character and dependability of a particular general contractor.

Experience and Adaptability
Whether it’s an asphalt paving job for a parking lot or a large-scale utilities development, contractors with years of verifiable and successful experience are naturally more able to manage the difficulties that often accompany such work. As well, the nature of construction often entails unforeseen obstacles and events that require experienced decision making and adaptability to contingencies. These attributes are best provided by an experienced firm.

Up-to-Date Insurance and Licensing
All insurance and licensing requirements for a commercial general contractor should be in place and up-to-date. Compliance to all legal requirements should be verified with insurance companies and state licensing boards. If any of these necessities are found to be missing, including proper worker’s compensation and liability coverage, then it’s time to look elsewhere for a general contractor.

Communication and Responsiveness
A contractor should know how to listen to and interpret the client’s goals into achievable outcomes and communicate well with the client in general. During the interview of any prospective commercial general contractor, a sense of solid rapport and easy communication should be felt. If this is the case, the contractor will be much more likely to respond properly to your requirements and concerns as the client during the actual construction phase.

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