Celebrate a Young Boys Birthday in Molded Chocolate

by | May 9, 2013 | Shopping

For all the little boys who love to grab daddy’s hammer and apply it generously to the first nail in sight, there is a special birthday theme that will have him and all his friends excited. Little boys are about fast cars, a hammer and nails or plowing and tilling the soil. For this birthday boy, it could be about tools to build with and molded chocolate tool boxes.

Birthday Theme Colors

Boys may care less if the color of the streamers and table cloth are orange or black. Instead, the person planning the party can make those decisions. For simplicity’s sake, this birthday is going to sport the colors of yellow, orange and red. Rather than using ribbons and bows, you will use hardcore boy things, such as molded chocolate hammers and saws. Balloons must be in the themed colors of yellow, orange and red tied with strips of gunny sack material.

Tables and Beyond

The tables will most likely be a folding table or two with plastic table cloths in yellow. No flowers at this party because it’s all about grunt and muscle to build it big and strong. The hamburgers, hotdogs and all the other food supplies will be found on one table. The cake and presents will be on the second table. What a cake it will be with molded chocolate designs.

Cake, Candy and Beyond

The large sheet cake has orange icing and the words “Happy Birthday” will be in stick letters to look like wood. That is all the baker has to do to this boy’s cake because the rest of the decorations are in molded chocolate screws, hard hats, wrenches, hammers and shovels.

Besides all the presents, there will be jars for small candies in a wide variety of colors. Helium filled balloons in the colors of yellow, orange and red are tied to the jars of candy with red, orange and yellow pieces of fabric cut into strips about an inch or so wide.

For this little boy’s birthday, there will be no question what he loves, and there will be no short supply of nails and screws to use the hammer and screw driver on and the neatest little tool box to carry it all around in.

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