Calling All of Bayonne: Make This the Year of Your Best Body Ever

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

Attaining impressive flexibility or big muscles are great goals, but improving total body strength should be the main focus of any comprehensive fitness regimen. Total body strength gives you explosive power, cardio stamina, high mental focus and endurance to meet any of the day’s physical and mental challenges. What does a total body strength fitness program look like? Here’s a brief rundown.

Diverse, Dynamic & Hybrid
Hybrid training is a long-cherished, winning strategy among fitness pros. It’s training that incorporates exercises, movements, and principals from a wide variety of disciplines to maximize every ounce of your body’s potential.

The results of hybrid training come to life in pursuits like triathlons, decathlons and mixed martial arts. Hybrid training is also useful for everyday people seeking to build the absolute best body possible and the mental stamina to match.

How Hybrid Training Works
Most people approach a workout program with a compartmentalized idea about how to get it done: weights on one day, cardio the next, rest, repeat. Hybrid training mixes cardio, weights, and other resistance exercises into a single workout, simultaneously building up your cardio stamina and your muscles while burning fat.

Hybrid training also utilizes a variety of ways of improving total body strength, such as combining calisthenics, rope, exercise balls, and other techniques. Integrating these techniques into a single program greatly enhances muscle tone, power, flexibility, and endurance.

Isolated and Compound Movements
Another feature of fitness programs designed for improving total body strength is the use of both isolated and compound movements. Instead of just sitting still and doing a single bicep curl, hybrid training gets you up, moving, jumping, pushing, and pulling. This complex assortment of isolated and compound movements works every muscle in your body, strengthening you from head to toe as you shed fat and build lean muscle.

To improve your total body strength in a fun, exciting, supportive fitness environment, visit The MAX Challenge of Bayonne, New Jersey, today. Our group-oriented, 10-week program aligns motivational support with nutritional counseling and superhero workouts to transform you physically and mentally into the best possible version of yourself.

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