Bring Your Furry Friend to a Pet Groomer You Can Trust in Alexandria, VA

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Veterinarians

Keeping your pets groomed is not only essential for their health, but it helps them feel just as good as we do after a day at the salon. Instead of going through the hassle of bathing, clipping and brushing your fur baby at home, come check out our pet grooming in Alexandria VA, to leave the work to the professionals.

More Than Cats & Dogs

Many places that offer pet grooming in Alexandria, VA, will only accept cats and dogs to take advantage of their services. Here, we recognize that families have pets beyond cats and dogs too. Including cats and dogs, we also provide grooming services for guinea pigs, birds, and other furry and taloned creatures.

Extensive Menu of Grooming Services

There are many grooming services available at our facility for animals of all shapes and sizes. We offer simples services like nail trimming and smoothing with a Dremel, and even wing trimming for your feathered friends. Ear cleaning and plucking is also on the menu as well as excessive fur or hair clipping and removal of matted fur. You can also expect to see services like anal sac expression for your canine’s comfort as well. Check out our website for more information on the grooming services we provide.

Contact Fort Hunt Animal Hospital for information on the different species of animals we provide care for and the many services we provide for our clients.

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