Branding with Social Network Marketing

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Computer And Internet

Social network marketing has taken the business world by storm and connected service providers to customers in a whole new way. The benefits are enormous and constantly growing as people and businesses become more global. Social network possibilities have leveled the playing field among the corporations and the small business owner because each of them has the same possibilities to become accessible to the consumer.

Branding occurs by your consistency in each of the separate social media sources. The three “C’s” will also build your brand – Community + Content=Commerce. But you have to build the community first. That is done through personal time. In the street world, it was called “leg work.”

Identify Your Niche Consumer

The first thing has to be to identify your group of consumers. Who wants what you have, whether it is a service or a product. When someone comments on your blog, go comment on their blog and become a follower. If someone replies to your post in Facebook, reply back as quickly as possible and start a conversation. It is with this conversation you can create a need in their life for your product or your service.

It Is Free

From LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to blogs, they are all free. You do not have to pay high dollar for TV and radio advertising. Each of the media that was mentioned above is free to you for the taking. As good as social network marketing is it does not work by itself so you have to send invites to other businesses on LinkedIn and “like” other businesses from your Facebook business profile to invite them to “like” you.

Every Day

You must have something to tell the consumer online every day. If you start with writing a blog, connect it to Facebook and Twitter. When you do one thing, you can have created your social network marketing event of the day. LinkedIn should have your website listed on it, as well as a Facebook and Twitter link.

Staying Branded

Define your brand by your name, your company name, an image and content that is always about something that leads back to your product or service. Your brand may be all in one little image you have adopted as your seal or what identifies you to the consumer.

Social network marketing has the potential to bring you and your product or service to a global access. Keep branded by daily communicating with your social base.

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