Bookkeeping for Construction Companies Supports Management of Unique Business Needs

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Bookkeeping

Every industry has unique information needs, which explains the importance of bookkeeping for construction companies. Unlike businesses serving customers one transaction at a time, construction jobs can take weeks to months to complete. In the meantime, there are additions to the project, the type and quantity of inventory needed changes, materials costs fluctuate, unexpected equipment rentals or repairs are required, and government inspections have unexpected consequences.

Benefits of Timely Bookkeeping for Construction

The benefits of timely bookkeeping for construction companies begin with helping project directors stay on budget or help them identify when budget adjustments are needed. Cost overruns are very common on construction projects, especially in an inflationary period. Keeping the “books” updated concerning customer payments based on the percentage of project completion, indirect expenses, unexpected expenses, inventory levels, sub-contractor payments and labor expenses is the only way to ensure the project costs are not out of control.

The benefits derived from high-quality bookkeeping more than offset the cost of bookkeeping which may include outsourced payroll figures. Best of all, management time is freed to concentrate on the project, knowing financial information is maintained monthly, and accountants will get accurate financial records from the bookkeeping service in the future.

Construction Project Bookkeeping Drives Future Project Bids

Another important benefit of timely and accurate bookkeeping for construction companies is that it also has future value. Bidding on construction jobs is complicated, so having detailed and accurate historical financial information helps with cost estimates. The bookkeeping records reveal how particular expenses fluctuate over time, issues with various subcontractors concerning invoicing, and unexpected expenses incurred, to name a few areas that could influence future project bidding.

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