Basic Troubleshooting for Walk in Freezers

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

As with any appliance, walk in freezers can give business owners their fair share of headaches, especially when they break down during peak business hours. Rather than calling in the technician every time something does not seem right, you can learn a few basic troubleshooting tips to save yourself time and money. If the problem still exists after you perform a few basic steps, you should consider calling a technician. No Power It might seem quite obvious, but sometimes when a freezer is not working, it is simply due to a tripped circuit. Take a walk over to the breaker box to make sure all switches are where they should be and the freezer is getting power. If the circuit was tripped, reset the breaker and check the freezer to see if power was restored. Air Leaks Air leaks are visible through the presence of an accumulation of snow throughout the freezer. It can typically be found on the gaskets around the door and around the edge of walk in freezers. If there is snow present, take a close look at the operation of your freezer. Is it open a lot? If so, it is beneficial to install an insulated curtain strip to keep the cold air in while the door is open. Also, check the functioning of the door; sometimes the hinges come loose, causing the door not to close with an airtight seal. Check the Parts Look for obvious signs of ice buildup on the air vents, evaporator coil, pipes and motor. If you notice any buildup, try to remove it with a vacuum. Look for any other obstructions and try to clear them. In addition, listen to the motor and pay attention to the air flow. If anything seems out of the ordinary and you have tried clearing any obstructions and eliminating air leaks, it might be time to call for service. When you experience trouble with any of your

commercial walk in freezers

, it can put a large amount of stress on the operation of your business. Having a basic understanding of the major components of the freezer and how to handle any minor problems can reduce the risk of down time for your business. If you are not comfortable dealing with the electrical components and are sure the circuit was not tripped, you can call for service to get your unit up and running as fast as possible. For more information about troubleshooting walk in freezers at your business, visit Turn Key Systems at

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