Advice from Moving Companies in Arlington TX—Should You Tip?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | moving-services

Some people feel obligated, or feel that it is proper etiquette to tip moving company employees in Arlington. The truth is, however, that tipping is normally not expected. Some moving companies forbid their employees from accepting tips. This is especially true of long distance movers. Other companies have no policy regarding tipping, which means it is acceptable to tip, but you do not have to feel obligated to do so. There are some important things to consider before tipping the employees of a moving company.

Who and How Much to Tip

If tips are offered, they should be given to every member of the team. Most moving teams consist of 2-4 movers. Typically, it is best to give each person the same amount. The most common amounts are $10-$20 per person. Keep in mind, however, that even a $5 tip would be greatly appreciated. You should consider the amount of tip based on several things; how professional and friendly they were, how careful they were, and if they worked within the allotted time.

Tipping should not be calculated by percentage. While it may be fine for waitresses in restaurants, moving costs a lot more than dinner. It is unrealistic to give a tip based on the cost by the moving companies. This is true in Arlington TX, and anywhere else. The cost of moving is often a financial burden, so do not add to the hardship. A small amount can be tipped, and only if it seems befitting.

Other Ways to Show Appreciation

Some moving companies do not allow their employees to accept tips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation for a job well done. Some people provide movers with water or soda. Some go a bit further and provide snacks for them. This is all acceptable, and does not break any rules. It is a way of communicating appreciation while still adhering to the “no tipping” policy. Movers greatly appreciate both the gift and the sentiment. A soft drink or a cup of cocoa in the winter is very welcomed after a long drive. By the same token, a sandwich and some chips save them from having to buy extra snacks.

Movers are usually well paid. Any appreciation shown is unexpected but welcomed. You should never feel compelled to offer a tip, especially if you were less than impressed with the service. The same goes for tokens of appreciation such as snacks. But, if your movers were thoughtful, friendly, and did a great job, it is acceptable to show them gratitude.

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