Advantages of Using Firewood as your Fuel

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Firewood is the oldest source of fuel and it is still very popular. If you are in Tulsa, you should use it because it is readily available. The availability means you will never have to strain much in search of it.

Many pundits will disagree with this, but wood is actually a renewable source of energy. Trees are naturally reproducing and when managed properly, they can be replanted whenever you harvest large quantities. You could do tree trimming to get the wood. This is important because it leaves the remaining tree healthier. Wood, unlike fossil fuels, only releases natural carbon. Carbon dioxide would have been released anyway when the wood dies and is left to rot.

Using wood as fuel offers greater self-reliance in that it offers greater savings, independence and security in a world that has an unstable fuel supply. The greatest advantage of using firewood Tulsa OK is the fact that you will save money if the wood is yours. According to the Research Institute of Sustainable Energy, wood is the most cost effective domestic heating fuel. It is six times more economical than heat from electricity, five times more economical than heat from gas and four times more economical than heat from oil.

You do not have to deal with pipelines’ tyranny and you do not have to pay transportation and other costs. Having plenty of firewood means you need not worry about what will happen in the future. The U.S. could do without dependency on foreign oil. All you need to pay for is the tree felling cost. The wood from a single tree can last you several months if all you are doing is cooking with the wood.

Using firewood Tulsa OK is advantageous in that you will attract grants, rebates and tax incentives from Oklahoma State and/or from the federal government given that this is a renewable energy source. With wood as your fuel, you can cook and stay warm even during a power failure.

If you have a heating system, wood is the best option since it will not be detrimental to the system. Firewood creates a blazing fireplace that creates a romantic ambiance as well as radiant heat that is unparalleled. If you were doing tree removal or tree trimming anyway, not using the wood does not make much economic sense.

You could hire an ISA-certified arborist to help you with the chopping up of the firewood into the desired size. Hiring certified arborists is advantageous in that they know the right size from experience and training and they will give you valuable advice on how to store the wood. Certified arborists have the necessary equipment for cutting the wood. Not having to buy your own equipment means you will end up saving a lot of money.

Despite popular belief, firewood Tulsa OK is actually an environmentally friendly source of energy since the wood still releases carbon dioxide when it dies and rots. Wood has several other benefits.

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