Whether you’re dressing up table for the holidays, a birthday party or an intimate meal at home, adding gold charges to your table can do a lot to elevate your dining décor. Here are a few ideas to help you:

Use them as service plates

You can use these charges to carry plates and other dinnerware to the table. Your guests will love the elegant sight. It also helps ensure that if there’s a bit of spill with the soup, it won’t fall on the tablecloth and create a mess. These service plates will be right there to pick them up, keeping the tables looking as elegant as ever.

Dress them up as centerpieces

There’s a bevy of designs and styles for charges and decorative pieces can easily set the tone of the table, says Martha Stewart by using them as table centerpieces. Fill these up with candles or vases and you’ll be good to go. You could also incorporate whatever the birthday or wedding colors are into the plates by adding napkins, flowers or candles in the right hues.

Use at home

Say you bought gold charges for a party. You can now use those chargers at home. Decorate your table decor with charges even when you’re preparing for a simple meal at home. Plan for an intimate dinner and use these service plates to notch up the elegant vibe and atmosphere of your dining space. You and your sweetheart will get a kick out of occasionally taking the time and effort to have a nice meal at home instead of always dining out.

Serve for guests

Having friends and family over? Surprise them with a treat by preparing for a Sunday brunch or birthday feast that doesn’t just taste great but look great as well. With charger plates, you can easily take your table decor to the next level.

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