Pests can find their way into any home no matter how well it’s sealed. When homeowners notice signs of pests in their home, they can contact Pest Exterminators in Federal Way Wa for help. During the inspection of the home, there are many things the exterminator will look for so they can rid the home of all pests. Some of those include the following.

Droppings From Bugs or Larger Pests

Droppings are not only a sure sign there are pests in the home, but they can also allow an exterminator to determine exactly which pests are in the home. Tiny droppings that look like dark dots could be a sign of roaches while larger droppings might be from mice, squirrels, or other animals that have found their way inside. By looking at the droppings, the exterminator knows what steps to take next.

Entry Points for Pests

Larger pests, like mice and squirrels, need a way to get into the home. While they can get through incredibly tiny openings, there will be an entry point somewhere around the home. Though this might not help in identification of the pests, it can enable the exterminator to determine how the pests are getting inside. Homeowners can then take the right steps to make sure the pests cannot reenter the home once they’re removed.

Damage to Home From Pests

Exterminators will often look for damage inside the home that will tell them where the pests are hiding. This enables them to catch larger pests faster and can be helpful in determining where to place traps so they’re as effective as possible. The exterminator will let the homeowner know about any damage that is found so it can be repaired.

Webs or Nests

Many pests create nests inside the home when they’re making a place to live. Exterminators can use these to make sure they are setting traps properly and they eliminate all of the pests, not just the adults that are moving around the home.

If you notice any pests inside your home, Pest Exterminators in Federal Way Wa can provide an inspection to determine the types of pests that have gotten in and work to get them out of your home. Contact an exterminator today to get the help you need or to make sure there aren’t any pests living inside your home.