Homeowners will experience plumbing emergencies at some point. How they handle these emergencies will make a huge difference in the amount of damage to their home and the cost to have it repaired. When homeowners need to call Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA to handle a plumbing emergency, there are a few things they should do to minimize the damage to the home.

Turn Off the Water to the Problem Area

Many faucets will have shut-off valves nearby. If one is accessible, homeowners can turn off the water close to the issue. If there is not a shut-off valve that handles the water to the problem area, homeowners should shut off water to the whole home. Doing this minimizes the amount of water leaking into the home and causing damage. This should be done immediately, and the homeowner can call the plumber once the water is turned off.

Clean Up Standing Water

Standing water causes damage to anything under it as well as enables mold to grow. After the homeowner calls a plumber, they can begin mopping up as much standing water as possible and drying the area. Use fans to move air around the home to facilitate drying. The faster flooring, walls, and belongings are dried, the less likely it is they’ll be permanently damaged due to water or mold growth.

Make Sure the Problem Area is Accessible

Plumbers won’t be able to help as fast if they cannot access the area. If the plumbing issue is behind the washer and the homeowner is able to, they should go ahead and pull the washer out from the wall so the plumber can get behind it. If the issue is in a wall, homeowners can remove anything on the wall or move furniture so the wall can be accessed easier.

If you experience a plumbing emergency in your home, make sure you take these three steps while you’re calling for help. This way, the plumber is able to get to the issue and have it repaired as fast as possible. If you have a plumbing emergency, call Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA right away to minimize the potential damage to your home.