If a person loses a tooth as a result of an injury or tooth decay, the tooth loss can cause many problems. First, it can have a negative effect on their appearance. This can cause the individual to feel self-conscious, especially in social situations. Also, the tooth loss can cause their teeth to shift and make speaking and eating difficult. After the tooth loss occurs, the individual should have the problem treated as soon as possible. The best treatment for tooth loss is dental implants by a Chicago dentist.

Dental Implants Are Permanent

If the individual chooses to treat their tooth loss with a dental bridge, it won’t be a permanent solution. The bridge would need to be removed and soaked every night. Also, every few years the bridge would need to be replaced. Dental implants are a more permanent solution. The implant is attached to the jawbone and would never need to be removed or replaced.

Dental Implants Look More Natural

When it comes to appearance, dental implants are the best option. If the individual chooses dental bridges, the bridge materials could be visible when they smile. A dental implant looks completely natural, so nobody would even know it wasn’t the individual’s natural tooth.

No Risk To the Surrounding Teeth

Dental bridges are anchored in the mouth using the surrounding healthy teeth. Over time, this can put a great deal of stress and strain on the anchor teeth, causing permanent damage. Dental implants don’t rely on any teeth to say in place. They just need a healthy, strong jawbone, so the rest of the natural teeth won’t be at risk of damage.

No Food Restrictions

When a person has a dental bridge, they need to watch what they eat. Very hard foods and sticky foods can damage the bridge, suggesting these foods need to be avoided. If they go with dental implants, there are no foods that can damage the implant. This means the individual can continue eating their favorite foods without needing to worry.

The best way to treat tooth loss is dental implants in Chicago. For more information, contact East Village Dental Centre.