Even though you may not have hit your head during your auto accident, there may still be some trauma caused to your brain. This can result from the swift thrashing of the head involved as one vehicle strikes another. You should see a neurologist in New York right away if you experience any symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

Physical Symptoms of a TBI

The early physical signs of a traumatic brain injury or TBI can be subtle and difficult to catch. The symptoms start with headaches, which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and blurry vision. If you also experience frequent fatigue or drowsiness, you should see a neurologist in NY.

Cognitive Signs of a Brain Injury

It’s also common to experience confusion when you’re suffering from a brain injury. This may just feel like mental fog, or it may be more serious. In some cases, it can lead to amnesia. A neurologist in New York can determine if your memory loss is normal for your age or if it’s the result of a TBI.

More Common Signs of a TBI

You should see a neurologist in NY as soon as possible if you frequently lose consciousness or experience dizzy spells. You may also experience slurred speech, a delay in responding to questions, or general forgetfulness. You may also exhibit a distracting appearance to others as though you’re lost in thought.

If you experience any signs of brain trauma, schedule an examination with Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, LLC by visiting their website.