When choosing a formula for your infant, there are several factors to consider. You can find a baby formula buying guide with a little online research, and a guide can help you outline the most important things to look for in a formula. Before you get started, it can also be helpful to know the three primary types of formula on the market today.

Cow’s Milk

Formulas that are made primarily from cow’s milk make up the majority of formulas on the market. This is the type of formula more than 80% of families use. Although cow milk is the main ingredient, it is modified to be more easily digested by infants. It’s also infused with the nutrients that most infants need for growth and development.

Hydrolyzed Formula

This type of formula is created by breaking down the molecules in protein to make the substance even more easily digestible. It’s an ideal solution for infants who have difficulty digesting cow milk or soy-based formulas. It’s also a better solution for babies with a protein allergy.

Soy-Based Formula

Vegan families often switch to a soy milk formula for their infants, but this is also a better option for lactose-intolerant infants. The soy milk acts as a base protein for the formula and a glucose or sucrose is added to provide a carbohydrate. A baby formula buying guide can help you learn more about the benefits of a soy milk formula for your baby.

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