Be Prepared for Surprise Medical Billing

Be prepared for surprise medical billing. That is the word on the street, and it rings true due to changes in the medical billing industry. As it stands, a recent Radiology Business Management Association article discussed the problems. Many consumers are expressing frustration at the cost of medical bills. Plus, they are hammered by narrow-network, high-deductible, high co-pay plans. The benefits they receive from them do not measure up to what they have been led to expect.

One of the worst culprits of this has been the surprise medical bill. Out-of-network physicians will see patients when they are at an in-network facility. As a result, the patient’s bill explodes and goes sky-high.

Medical Billing Companies

Medical billing companies have known about this issue for several years now. Nevertheless, complaints have been muted. State legislators in nearly two dozen states have brought up bills about it. They hope to protect consumers against these shockingly high bills.

California recently passed a new law to put an end to this practice. Therefore, it is crucial for industry members to learn how to navigate the new law. The efforts of states like California and New York may be a harbinger of laws in other places.

Working with a partner who has a deep understanding of the industry is more crucial than ever. Your medical billing specialists should know the revenue cycle. They should also tailor solutions to each client, improving satisfaction. Expert providers can work with their client’s systems and build efficient workflow processes. These processes will have a higher output than previously, thanks to automation.

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