Why Living in an Off-Campus is Definitely Worth It in Bloomington, IN

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Student Housing Center

When you decide which college you will be attending to get your degree, you must also make the choice of where you will live while doing so. While some may think that simply moving into a dorm room is the way to go, it’s actually living in Indiana University off-campus housing that gets you the most for your money. There are plenty of reasons why it is such a popular option.

Avoid The Hustle & Bustle

College life can be hectic enough without the added stress of all of the chaos that living in a dormitory entails. To avoid this and put yourself in a better position to focus on your studies, it makes much more sense to move into your own student apartment. You can relax in the peace and quiet of your own space.

Programs For Commuters

Most universities also have programs that are specifically designed for students who commute from their own apartments to the college campus. Such things as meal plans so they can dine at the cafeteria and public transportation discounts go a long way toward ensuring that students get the best of both worlds.

Excellent For International Students

Living in Indiana University off-campus housing is generally a better option for students who come here from other countries because it gives them the chance to brush up on learning the English language and acclimating to the new culture without feeling pressure from the other students.

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