When To Use TIG Welding

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Metal Fabricators

When working with metal, welders have several options. Various techniques are available to apply for almost any given metal. However, it is essential to select the best option possible. To do otherwise can result in a defective component – one unable to withstand the stress of its usage and/or environment. For Cleveland welders, the two major options are MIG and TIG welding. Each has its supporters; each type is capable of providing solid welds.

Using TIG

For those who know their welding types, TIG is better in certain situations. They understand the mechanics and select it in preference to other types, usually MIG if the following applies.

  • Metal Thickness: TIG performs better when the metal is not thick. The thicker the metal, the more energy it requires to heat completely through to create a bond. This makes MIG welding more efficient
  • Filler: Using filler produces a less aesthetically pleasing bond. TIG welding does not require filler; therefore, it produces more attractive results.
  • Neatness: Welders, even those who prefer MIG welding, agree the welds resulting from TIG are neater and more precise
  • Electrical Conductivity: If the metal is low in resistance, it is not amenable to TIG. However, electrically resistant metal is a good candidate for TIG.
  • Metals Types: TIG can join dissimilar metals
  • Finishing: TIG rarely requires any finishing touches. By not leaving behind such things as splatter, it produces a smooth surface.

By questioning the purpose of the weld as well as looking at the required result, it is possible to decide when to use TIG over other types of welding.

Why Use TIG?

When it comes to clean welds with no extra time required for finishing, TIG is the natural choice for welders. For those in Cleveland who work with it daily, it is the obvious welding technique to employ when preciseness, quality, and appearance are paramount. While MIG welds remain very popular, TIG welding consistently contends with it for this position.

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