What You Can Expect From Office Cleaning Services in New Jersey

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Cleaning Services

When you hire professional office cleaning services in New Jersey area you can rest assured knowing your business will be taken care of. Not only do they handle day to day cleaning, such as general areas and bathrooms, they can also take care of more in depth services. Most cleaning services operate off a contract based system, where the terms are set that detail a company’s expectations for day to day tasks. In addition to these, companies can typically request more specialized tasks, or things they wished done on a one a week, month, or year schedule.

Examples of Less Frequent or More In Depth Cleaning Tasks

As a general rule of thumb, areas that are considered above average height, such as seven feet and above, are considered aspects for more than normal cleaning. These include ceilings, crown moldings, ceiling fans, walls in stairwells- usually the cobwebs from the corners are required to be cleaned away periodically. Other specialized cleaning tasks that are beyond the normal range of cleaning can usually be added into a contract as needed, or written in on a scheduled basis. Tasks such as: washing out trash receptacles, outdoor cleaning around areas such as drive-thru lanes, benches, and statues, are also common tasks that companies may request on a less frequent basis than something like vacuuming.

Pricing and Contract details for Typical Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning contracts detail all of the expected work desired of a cleaning service. They list each task to be performed, including less frequent, or more in depth tasks, and a breakdown on the pricing. The duration of the contract is also listed, as well as the proposed cleaning schedule. A good cleaning service will allow some flexibility when it comes to determining the scheduled days and times. Another sign of a good company is one that revises the contract on request should any significant change in cleaning services be needed. Generally speaking, the pricing on any office cleaning service in New Jersey can vary quite a bit from company to company, but as a rule it should always equal less than what you would pay in wages, insurance, and supplies to hire your own cleaning staff. You should look for a company that is competitively priced with a reputation for high quality work and that can accommodate your participial business size and cleaning needs. To determine this, a company should never give a flat quote for a business without having a chance to assess it, so be leery of anyone guaranteeing a flat rate no matter the size of the job.

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