If you’re injured in a workplace accident, you’ll go through the lengthy process of filing a worker’s compensation claim. You’ll also have to go through treatment for your injury, and that will likely involve missing time from work. Going back to work can be just as tricky if your doctor recommends work restrictions in MN. When you do return to your job, you should be sure you’re ready.

Return When You’re Ready

Keep in mind that you’re not obligated to return to work just because the company doctor clears you to do so. You should consult your own doctor as well. If your doctor disagrees, you may have to dispute the company doctor’s findings. Even if this involves taking the matter to court, that’s still better than doing something that will cause your condition to worsen.

Talk to Your Doctor About Light Duty

If you feel ready to return to work, you should first get clearance from your doctor. They may recommend temporary work restrictions in MN. This is to ensure you won’t undo the healing your body has already experienced. If your doctor does put you on light duty, ask him what specific tasks you can perform.

Make Sure Your Employer Abides by Restrictions

You should notify your employer that you can return to work as long as you’re placed on restricted duty. Make sure they understand the terms your doctor has outlined for you. This may involve limiting how much you can lift, standing for long periods, or doing other types of strenuous activity. Keep in mind that you can’t be forced to return to work before you’re ready, and your employer can’t force you to do work that violates your doctor’s orders.