The best long-distance movers work at nationwide companies. For example, long-distance movers near Phoenix may work for the same company as long-distance movers near Chicago. The company will coordinate its services for your long-distance move. If movers are already located near your destination spot, it will be much cheaper than hiring a company that only offers local services. A national moving company will offer a wider range of services and have more employees to meet your demands.

Rules and Regulations

When you are moving long-distance, only select companies can offer services. They must employ licensed drivers and operators to transport your belongings across state lines. Are you moving out of the country? The best long-distance movers near Phoenix can help. They will coordinate the most efficient method of transporting your belongings across the border. The moving company will secure any permits you may need to transport your items and ensure transportation is executed flawlessly.


As discussed previously, it is often cheaper to choose a long-distance moving company that offers its services in various cities throughout the country. A company that must send a team in the moving truck to your location to unload and unpack your belongings will charge more to their customers because they have more expenses. When you hire a long-distance moving company that already has a team waiting for their driver, they do not have to pay their movers to travel long-distance. Instead of sending five laborers, they only must send their driver to get the job done.