What to Know About an Electric Rod Heater

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Business

A quick, affordable, and effective way to heat liquids in tanks, vats, or other machinery is with an immersion heater, also known as an electric rod heater. They feature heating components that may be put right into a container of water, oil, or other material to heat the whole contents.

Liquids quickly attain the correct temperature utilizing an immersion heater’s direct heat transmission. Immersion heaters, made of tubing bundles, can be installed on a container’s side or buried inside its contents. Its heating coils provide heat to the material’s inside, which permeates the container as a whole.

Types of Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are an economical and environmentally friendly way to heat materials since they don’t produce any waste or pollutants and are a clean energy source. Immersion heaters are used in nuclear reactors to maintain heated water at a consistent temperature so that steam may be produced.

Direct and indirect immersion heaters are the two varieties. The heating components of direct immersion heaters are submerged right in the liquid. Indirect immersion heaters use radiation or convection. As their sheathed heating components make contact with the liquid, over-the-side, and in-line heaters are direct. Indirect immersion heaters that do not come into contact with a liquid include pipe and infrared heaters.

How They Work

Sheathing protects the electrically resistant heating element that lies at the heart of an electric rod heater. When the heating element is turned on, it warms the jacket that surrounds it, which in turn warms the sheath and the liquid. Its efficiency is directly proportional to the jacket’s and sheath’s level of conductivity.

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