When people are under the care of medical professionals, they trust that they will receive the appropriate treatment. Doctors, nurses, and medical facilities have an obligation to adhere to a proper standard of care when diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses. When people get an infection due to negligence, they can rely on an experienced infection injury lawyer in Minnesota for help.

Surgical Errors

One type of negligence that can lead to an infection is surgery. For example, the medical professionals may leave surgical instruments inside the patient, puncture and sever nerves and muscles, or take steps that lead to the patient suffering from an infection. In this case, people need to call a surgical infection lawyer in Minnesota.

These experts know how to look at the injury suffered and the medical records to determine whether or not it was caused by negligence. Medical professionals receive training to become licensed and they are expected to maintain high standards of care.

Nursing Homes

Another place where people can suffer an infection due to negligence is in a nursing home. Residents often are there because they need assistance for daily care, including grooming and taking care of themselves. If they are neglected, they may have an infection that doesn’t get the treatment that it needs.

This may not apply to every infection, but the infection injury lawyer in Minnesota knows what to look for. The medical professional or nursing home must maintain a certain standard of care and when they don’t, their victims can file a lawsuit.