What to Examine Before Signing a Lease for a South Florida Apartment

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Real Estate

Finding an apartment to live in while attending university classes is an exciting experience. While there are many aspects of it that you will find enjoyable, there are some aspects of it where you need to be serious. One of those aspects is signing a lease for student housing in Gainesville, FL.

Be sure to thoroughly examine the apartment before signing the lease. You want to make sure that everything in the apartment works, you want to see if there is any pre-existing damage, and you want to make sure that this damage is noted in the lease so that you will not be billed for it later. Make sure the sinks work, the drains are not clogged, and the light fixtures and electrical outlets work. Examine the paint and carpeting.

Before signing a lease for student housing in Gainesville, FL, find out if you can have roommates. Ask about what process new roommates need to go through in order to be approved to live in the apartment. Something else to ask about is subletting. If you want to move out before the lease is up, find out what needs to be done. This may affect your monthly rent.

Ask how often the landlord can enter the apartment and if notice is given. You do not want to be in an apartment where a landlord can make unannounced inspections.

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