Damages from water or fire are an unfortunate occurrence in the household. The most common type of water damage is when pipes leak because of old pipes, a faulty valve, or even a broken appliance.

Types of Water Damage Repairs

Water damage cleanup in Billings, MT, can be done in three ways: temporary repairs, permanent repairs, and cosmetic repairs.

Temporary repairs involve drying up the water and preventing any more damage to the property while permanent repair involves fixing or replacing the damaged parts of the house or appliance. Cosmetic repair is just making things look better without doing anything about the problem itself.

Water / Fire Damage Cleanup

Water damage includes flooding, broken pipes, and sewage backup.

Flooding, broken pipes, and sewage backups are all common examples of water damage that should be handled by a professional who has experience dealing with these types of situations.

Fire damage includes: Extinguishing a fire and preventing the spread of smoke and soot.

A fire is a terrifying event that can cause extensive damage to a property and take years to rebuild. Professional fire restoration in Billings, MT, involves clean up, restoration, and preventing the spread of smoke and soot.


Professional services for water damage cleanup in Billings, MT, and fire restoration in Billings, MT, bring ease of mind to homeowners. These services ensure that homes and businesses are safe to live in or work in again after the disaster has passed.

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