What To Ask An Elmhurst Criminal Speeding Lawyer

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Lawyer

If you have been stopped in Elmhurst and issued a speed ticket, talking to a criminal speeding lawyer before making a decision as to what to do is something every driver should consider. Making a mistake in mailing in your ticket or not understanding what an attorney can do for your case can have long-term consequences. This is particularly true if the speeding ticket may become much more complicated than a simple fine, both of which are issues an attorney helps you to avoid.

Do You Have to Attend Court?

This can be a complicated question depending on where you were stopped. If you were stopped in DuPage County, you are able to mail in your ticket, provide the payment, and request supervision. If approved for supervision, that is all that is required, with the ticket considered a guilty plea. It is essential to mail the ticket with the payment and supervision request before the deadline listed on the ticket.

If you are denied supervision, the court will enter the supervision denial not as a guilty plea, but as a conviction. A conviction typically impacts insurance rates and may also result in additional issues if you have an extensive history of speed or traffic violations. Your criminal speeding lawyer will explain this during your meeting.

It is important to note that any tickets issued in Elmhurst will require an in-court appearance for a driver under the age of 21. This also applies if the speeding ticket is for aggravated speeding, which means the rate of travel was significantly over the posted limit.

What Impacts the Sentence?

Several factors will impact the sentence that the attorneys of the Village of Elmhurst request. Issues such as your past driving record, and particularly any serious types of violations or multiple speeding tickets, can increase the requested sentence.

When you plead not guilty, it is essential to have your criminal speeding lawyer with you in court. If you plead guilty, expect to go through a trial that day if the officer is present, or to have a court date assigned if he or she is not present.

If you are ticketed for speeding in the Elmhurst area, call on Driver Defense Team for an experienced criminal speeding lawyer.

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