What is Included in MDM Services?

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Business

You may have heard the acronym MDM thrown around in the workplace, online or even at trade shows or conferences. MDM stands for mobile device management. Because smart phones and tablets are used so widely in the workplace, it is imperative that you have some type of system that can secure and manage the devices themselves as well as the data and the apps accessed via the devices and may be contained on these mobile devices.

Why You Need Mobile Device Management in the Workplace
Mobile devices allow employees to be more efficient and productive, both huge benefits in the workplace. However, these devices have also created some challenges for the companies that allow employees to use them. For example, due to the sheer number of devices, communication costs can soar and monitoring mobile device usage can become a tedious and time consuming task.  As more people work remotely, access security issues and breaches can crop up. As you can see, though there are certainly benefits to using mobile devices in the work place, they need to be managed. This is why you need mobile device management services.

What an MDM Vendor Can Do for You
There are many benefits an MDM vendor can offer to companies. One of these is taking control of communications costs. Because cost control can be achieved by monitoring mobile service minutes and data usage vs service plan, mobile device management can help. Once you analyze usage data, you can determine if the plan you are on is the most cost effective or not.

Another key benefit of mobile device management is security. An MDM solution can ensure that your entire network including mobile device end-points, data and apps are secured against breaches. An MDM service can remotely upload, download and even totally erase a mobile device in seconds, all very important security features in case a mobile device is lost or compromised. The MDM service can also serve as the point of contact for troubleshooting as well as the friendly helpdesk your employees may be seeking.

Choosing a vendor that can offer mobile device management services for your company is critical to ensure that your mobile devices are secured and your data and apps are protected.

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