In a standard fire sprinkler system there are two main types, the wet and the dry pipe system. The wet system is the one that is most often used more commonly in homes and offices. The dry being more essential in a building where it is a possibility that the water could freeze in the pipes.

The Basics of a Wet Fire Sprinkler System

Basically, it is the difference between the water being stored in the pipe or not. In the case of the wet sprinkler system, the water is stored in the pipes and when a fire is detected, the valve opens, and water is distributed around the room via the sprinkler heads. The biggest advantage to a wet pipe system over the dry, is that it is able to be activated instantly with no delay. There is no time lost from when a fire is detected and when the fire sprinkler heads are opened up.

It is a time tested, and effective way to fight almost any fire that can occur in a home or office environment. When combined with fire detection methods like smoke detectors, and firefighting tools such as fire extinguishers, a fire doesn’t have a chance to get past the point of no return before it is stopped.

It’s So Very Important to Cover Yourself

There is no excuse to not having your area protected against fire, all that accomplished is opening your family, yourself, your possessions and your business to risk. By having these systems all in place and working properly, you can put them out of your mind until it is time to have them inspected again.

If you would like to learn more about how to prevent and fight a fire that may occur, or to look into wet fire sprinkler installation in NJ,