What is a glazier and what does he do?

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When you see someone cutting glass and fitting the glass into place, you are seeing glaziers in Croydon at work. Whether the structure they are working on is a single-family home or a high-rise office building, the job is the same. Glazing is a special skill and the people who are proficient in it can command high wages or fees for the service. This is especially true if the glazier has to work with one of the many specialty glasses, or he is called upon to work at a great height. As a matter of interest, the word “glazier” is derived from the English word “glasier” which refers to anything glass.

Glaziers in Croydon generally learn their skills through apprenticeship programs where they work alongside experienced glass workers. They usually start in the trade by doing small tasks around the shop which gives them exposure to the various aspects of the trade. As time passes, the apprentice will slowly be introduced to glass cutting and finally he is taken along to different job sites where he learns the installation processes.

The training is quite extensive as there are many distinct types of glass, all of which have different properties and ways of being handled. The training includes learning the methods of manufacturing glass products such as framed window panels and the various installation procedures.

When glaziers in Croydon are called to work in residential properties their tasks are generally limited to;

1. Installing glass in new or replacement windows

2. Installing shower enclosures

3. Installing glass cabinets

4. Replacing broken glass in windows or that used in furnishings

Many of today’s homes use all standard-size windows which eliminate the glazier’s job during construction. The standard-size windows are delivered to the job site complete with pre-manufactured frames and installing them is part of the carpenter’s responsibility. On the other hand, older homes will need to have a glazier as the glass sizes are usually irregular and as the frames may have distorted over time, the glass may have to be cut to suit. A glazier is also a necessity when installing stained-glass windows.

The tasks that he performs when working on large commercial structures such as office buildings start early in the construction phase. The glazier is called upon to confirm that the supporting structure is sufficient for the weight and size of the glass to be installed. The glazier will be responsible for making the frames and glass and as many of the panes are huge, the weight is a consideration for the installation process.

Depending on the job, a glazier is exposed to potential danger. On large projects, he risks a fall, on any project he risks getting severely injured with broken glass or the tools of the trade.

Fortunately the glaziers in Croydon have all the skills so you do not have to concern yourself. Spring Lane Glass and Glazing provides all types of glazing repairs or installation in Croydon.

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