What does a Cincinnati roofing company do?

by | May 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A typical Cincinnati roofing company replaces and repairs roofs, the roofs can be on residences or commercial structures. In the event there are a large number of homes being built in a subdivision, all more or less at the same time, the general contractor may hire a large number of roofing companies. Many roofing contractors are self employed.

Quite often, builders themselves become roofing contractors because of their intimate knowledge of home construction. Other people enter the business from the carpentry trade. For those that enter the business as independent contractors, the first thing they must do is obtain their business license.

A Cincinnati Roofing Company is often hired to repair roofs that have storm damage, fire damage or simply old and tired. In the event of a natural disaster such as a storm, the contractor will go onto the roof and make an appraisal of the damage. Once the contractor knows what has to be done he is in a position to calculate the cost to repair the roof. The costs include labor and material and once calculated; the contractor will add his anticipated profit and make a proposal to the home owner. In most cases, the homeowner will ask a number of companies to offer a bid, eventually settling on the company that provides the best service and the best price.

It is not only damage from storms and other natural disasters that cause a homeowner to contact a Cincinnati roofing company. Homeowners who have roofs which are in a total state of disrepair will contact them and have their roof replaced. Some roofing companies specialize in replacing and repairing specific types of roofs, such as slate or tile, others may focus on flat roof installation.

Some roofing companies also are involved in the installation of solar panels on homes and factories. In some areas of the country, government incentives are offered to do just this. These roofing contractors will either have a background in electrical installation or they will have electricians on the payroll. In some jurisdictions the personnel who install and wire the solar panels must be licensed electricians.

A Cincinnati roofing company can also be called upon to provide a roof inspection which is often demanded by home insurance companies or by real estate agents if the home is being sold.

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