What Do You Need To Know About Graduate Programs In Curriculum And Instruction?

by | May 7, 2013 | education

So, you have discovered that you want to be a teacher. Most likely, this means you have to consider enrolling in a graduate program in curriculum and instruction.  These programs will train you to become the best teacher that you can possibly be. The graduate program in curriculum and instruction will make you more appealing to future employers, as well as give you the tools to be very successful.  Enrolling in one of the best graduate programs in curriculum and instruction will be the best thing for your career.  Read on to learn more about what these programs usually include and what types of characteristics you should look for in a graduate program in curriculum and instruction:

What Does The Program Include?

The graduate program in curriculum and instruction are for students who hope to gain a wide range of experiences that go beyond a typical teaching program.  What is so unique about this program is that it offers hands-on field experience that will be very valuable in your career. The program offers courses in identified and unidentified learning challenges for students in K-12, English Language Learners, Learning outcomes for students with low socioeconomic-status, reading and writing proficiency, and foundational knowledge of teaching and learning.  The program requires you to complete 2 semesters of coursework.  You have the flexibility of choosing full time for 2 semesters, or spreading the coursework out over a longer period of time.  If you want hands on experience in the field, this is absolutely the program to look into, and the next step towards your desired career goals.

What Types Of Characteristics You Should Look For In A Graduate Program

Below are some qualities you should look for in a graduate program in curriculum and instruction:


* You need a program that offers field experience and volunteer work as part of the program. Hands-on-training is the best and most effective way to become a strong student.

* Have a faculty of professors that are successful and supportive while you are a student.

* Necessary coursework that will make you appealing to your future employers.

* A program that has high standards and expectations for their students.

* A strong network of alumni that are happy to help current students with any questions or concerns that the students may have.

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