Every college student knows that the college lifestyle doesn’t end when your classes are over. College is about meeting new people, exploring the city, making memories, and having the time of your life while you’re still young. When you want an active college lifestyle, you’ll need apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Living in a rural area won’t cut it: you need the lifestyle that you can only get from city apartments.

What are the Best Things About Renting a Student Apartment in the City?

When you live in the city, you’re in the heart of everything. In fact, some student apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL are built directly above stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and other great student hangouts. You don’t have to drive to the city–everything is a short walk away. You can have classes during the day, explore Chicago at night, and have experiences that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Plus, living in a student apartment in Chicago gives you an incredible view of the city. If you’re into photography or filmmaking, you might get inspired in your spare time. You can watch the seasons change and enjoy the rain and snow all from the comfort of your apartment.

When you’re looking for apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL, don’t sign off on an apartment without visiting Ion Lincoln Park. Ion is located in the heart of Chicago, offering the perfect opportunity to explore the city when your classes are over.

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