Veterans Cremation Jacksonville FL is an Affordable Option

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Cremation

When a person who has served in the military passes on, the surviving family members may wish to honor the service of their loved one at the funeral. It’s important to be able to plan a proper farewell for a veteran, but this may be difficult if finances are limited. One way to keep the costs down is by opting for Veterans Cremation Jacksonville FL. Cremation is a more affordable option than an in-ground casket burial and offers more flexibility as to when and where a service may be held afterward. If the family wishes for the cremated remains of the veteran to be buried at a National Cemetery, the caring staff at Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. can assist with making arrangements for the burial. They can also help the family navigate through the necessary paperwork that’s required by the VA for Veterans Burial Benefits.


Cremation can help to keep costs down for a funeral. Unlike an in-ground casket burial that requires the purchase of a casket and a burial plot, the only expense required for cremation is the cost of the actual process. After the ashes have been placed in an urn for safekeeping, the family can decide if they want to hold a memorial ceremony or just place the urn in a prominent spot at home. Veterans Cremation Jacksonville FL offers a choice that honors the life of a loved one without financially burdening the family.

Saying Farewell

There are ways to pay tribute to a veteran that won’t add to the cost of a funeral or memorial service. Displaying photos of the loved one in uniform can help to distinguish the significance of the veteran’s military service to all who attend the funeral. Playing military style music in the background can also add to the mood that the family wishes to portray. Flags can be used for decoration, or simply place one full-size flag behind the cremation urn. In lieu of flowers, ask guests to make donations to an organization that helps veterans. It’s the simple things that can make the ceremony special while keeping within budgetary restraints at the same time.

Honoring a veteran during a funeral can be handled in a dignified way without increasing the expenses for the family. This can relieve some of the pressure on the family and allow them to simply concentrate on paying tribute to their loved one.You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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