Using Professional AC Repair Services in Huntsville, AL, for Your Home

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Air Conditioning Service

Alabama is home to some of the muggiest and warmest weather in the U.S. Hot and humid summer weather can start early in the year and continue all the way through the end of October. During these long months, homeowners in the state have no choice but to run their air conditioners to escape the heat and mugginess.

This continued use, however, can cause air conditioners to malfunction or stop working entirely. You can keep yours up and running reliably by hiring professional AC repair services in Huntsville, AL, for your home today.

Cleaning the Exterior Unit

Sometimes the issue behind your AC’s malfunction is something as simple as a dirty exterior unit. When the outside unit becomes laden with debris like grass clippings, cottonwood, dust and dirt, it can stop pulling in and cooling air like it should. In turn, the air blown out in the house is tepid and weak.

By having the unit hosed off and cleaned, you can ensure that it can function as it is designed. The contractor can also change out the outdoor filters for good measure to enhance its function.

The contractor who comes to your home can also handle in-depth tasks like changing out the hoses and valves or refilling the Freon. You can find out more about the tasks that you can outsource to skilled AC repair services in Huntsville, AL, by contacting Southern Comfort HVAC LLC at

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