Used Auto Parts in Chicago, IL, Can Be More Beneficial Than New — Here’s Why

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Automotive

For everyone from auto shops to car owners that are administering repairs to their own vehicles, having replacement parts at the ready is very important.

When it comes to auto parts, new doesn’t always mean better. For local shop owners and car lovers, used auto parts in Chicago, IL, can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them.

They Meet OEM Standards

Most shop owners are on the hunt for parts that were originally manufactured for the specific automobile they are working on.

New, aftermarket parts won’t necessarily meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards while original, used parts will. A mechanic can have full peace of mind that the part is designed for the vehicle.

Generally More Affordable and Widely Available

The main draw to used auto parts in Chicago, IL, is that they cost less and tend to be more prevalent, as long as the vehicle is a relatively common one.

Anyone on a strict budget can benefit from used parts without risking safety or performance.

Used Parts Can Be Refurbished

It’s important to note that there are used parts and refurbished parts. If someone is hesitant to strip a used part off of an old vehicle, there is a market of refurbished parts that have been restored specifically for re-sale.

Shop a Wide Range of Used Parts

New Cats Auto Parts keeps car guys and auto shops fully stocked with quality used parts. A helpful team is always available to help customers find the exact part they are looking for.

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