Middle schools and high schools are quickly moving to the use of IDs for just about everything students do throughout their day. Irresponsibility of students is common for all ages. It is a combination of a lack of maturity, as well as the more pressing need to socialize with friends, rather than worrying about their belongings. Some schools struggle with a way to teach students how to be responsible, while allowing them the freedom they need. An increasingly popular way to get the best of both worlds is with ID badge lanyards.

Library Checkout

Research papers, book reports and reading for fun all require the use of a library card at the school library. Rather than forcing students to carry an ID for identification throughout the halls and a library card to check out books, they can use one card to do it all. The increase in technology has allowed schools to make this move, putting everything right on one card, decreasing the work of the school staff, as well as giving students one less thing to keep track of.

Cafeteria Food

Most middle schools and high schools offer a variety of lunch options every day. This puts yet another responsibility on students, whether they need to carry cash or a separate card loaded with money for them to spend strictly at the cafeteria at school. Schools are also beginning to put these functions on the student ID.

One Universal Card

The trend to move all functions students need during their school day to one universal ID card has proven to be successful at many schools. Rather than forcing students to have two, three or even four separate cards, they can have one universal card that does everything they need. The question still lies in how to help students keep track of their card, because for some, even one card is too much. Schools are quickly making use of customized ID badge lanyards for this use.

The options for the customized ID badge lanyards are endless. Schools can have their school name or logo printed directly on lanyards that are made in their school colors. Rather than giving students the option to carry their ID on lanyards, they are making it a requirement. This way, every student is sure to have their universal ID on them at all times during the school day.