Your company uses many forms of communication to effectively communicate between employees, as well as with customers and vendors. Whether you use voice, data, video, wireless, some form of messaging, such as email or text message, or any combination of these, you may think you need a different service provider for each one. However, this isn’t the case. If you can find an experienced company that can provide you unified communications solutions, you will have everything you need for one low price.

Your Needs

The needs of your company are unique. This is why it is so important to figure out exactly what you need so you can find the right solution that only includes those services. If you need your employees to be able to communicate while out of the office, wireless communications are essential. If you use webinars and other video conferencing, you need a solution that includes video. The goal is to only pay for the services you use.


When you choose just one company for your unified communications solutions, you will be able to fully integrate the various forms of communication with each other. Your voicemail from your telephone can be sent to your email so you can access it from just about anywhere. If you need to pass that voicemail along to someone else, simply send it through your email. Answer your phone calls from your computer at work or even your computer at home if you are working from home. An integrated solution will make work that much easier for everyone.

Cost Savings

Take a look at the bills you have for each of your communications services. This will show you just how much you are spending by using multiple companies for your communications needs. However, if you contact a company that provides all the services you need under one roof for a consultation and estimate, you will see how much money you can save when you get all your services from one company.

The ability to customize a package for your communications needs will provide you with the best of both worlds. A company that provides unified communications solutions will be able to offer you only those services your business uses so you can save money on services you don’t use. Choosing just one company will also give you the ability to integrate all your communications systems together so you can use them together to maximize their capabilities.