Understanding the Risks for Vehicle Windshield Damage in Chicago

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Automotive

Chicago driving can be hazardous. From inclement weather to high volume traffic, the region is well known to have more than a few causes for concern. This can be especially problematic for the windshields of motor vehicles and is the primary cause for auto window repair in Chicago.

Weather Windshield Damage

While accidents are not uncommon for area drivers, one of the most common damages that vehicle owners suffer is damage to the exterior of their vehicle from things other than impact collisions. Since Chicago is well known as the windy city, and Chicago has between 10-15 hail events each year and over 75 severe weather events annually, flying debris onto parked cars is not uncommon. These events significantly increase the risk of windshield damage to vehicles.

Flying Debris Windshield Damage

Damage from flying stones while driving on a highway and collisions are also widely known to cause windshield damage. When this type of damage occurs on a vehicle, it can impact safe driving and obstruct a driver’s view. Even if the damage starts out with a small crack, it should be repaired so it doesn’t spread into a driver’s view, which can be dangerous. Cold weather can also increase the risk for cracks spreading onto other areas of the windshield.

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