Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of medical malpractice. They may have seen the subject addressed in a television drama or read about real-life cases. Many people know of someone who has experienced the negative effects of medical negligence or errors. Dentists sometimes are negligent or make mistakes, and the harm they cause may qualify as malpractice. Anyone who wants to consult with a lawyer about this type of situation may search for a medical malpractice attorney near me.

Diagnosis Issues

If a dentist does not diagnose problems with the teeth and soft structures in the mouth, this can have serious consequences. Leaving a cavity untreated may result in the decay worsening and spreading to other teeth. Failing to diagnose a root infection could lead to a widespread bacterial infection known as sepsis.

Treatment Errors

Treatment errors also may qualify as malpractice. For example, when a dentist breaks a tooth during drilling, the tooth must be removed. A failed root canal procedure may occur because the dentist did not provide an acceptable standard of care. People dealing with these situations may want to look online for a medical malpractice attorney near me.

Cosmetic dental procedures that cause harm could be considered malpractice. For instance, before applying porcelain veneers, the practitioner must remove some enamel so the devices will be even with the adjacent teeth. A dentist might remove so much tooth structure that the patient experiences chronic discomfort. The person might feel the dentist did not provide enough information about problems with porcelain veneers.