Top Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home in Bothell

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There are many advantages to having a smart home in Bothell, and you need to know what devices best suit your needs and price range. But where should you start? It can be hard to sift through all the technology that is available to turn your home into a smart home in Bothell. You also may not be able to afford all the technologies available, so here’s a list of some basic smart home accessories that you can consider for the beginnings of your smart home in Bothell.

Security systems

With smart security systems, you can make securing your home easy and efficient. Some security systems only use a code to arm and disarm it, which is fine, but then there’s the stress of leaving in the allotted time after you put the code in and entering it quick enough when you get back. With this type of alarm system, there’s more room for false alarms if you forget to type the code in when you return, or are stuck doing something right before you leave. You also have to go through this process if you forget something in your house on the way out. Smart security systems have software that can connect to your phone, so you can use an app to disarm or arm your alarm system. There are also key fobs available to control your alarm and even act as a panic button.

Video doorbell

Your doorbell ringing isn’t the good sign it used to be. People have found ways to break in or scam people by going door to door. There are also solicitors who try to get you to buy their products or join their clubs. So, if it’s not Halloween, you can use your video doorbell to see who exactly is there before you answer. You can tell when your delivered package has arrived, or the pizza, and you don’t have to answer the door if you don’t know who’s outside of it.

Lighting control

There are several technologies that allow you to control your lights with your devices. You can put them on a timer in case you forget to turn them off, or keep your house safer by making it appear as if someone is home and setting your lights to go on at random intervals.

Door locks

Much like unlocking your car with a clicker, you can unlock your door using a keypad or your phone. If you have your hands full, or someone in your house forgot their keys, you can simply unlock your house from your phone to make your life simpler.

Video cameras

Video cameras themselves are a great asset to smart houses, but it’s important to have the ability to get live access to the video feed and store it in a certain place. You want to be able to keep track of existing video in case something happens and you need to present it as evidence, whether it’s a break in, or a way to prove your child wasn’t actually doing their homework when they said they were.

Thermostat control

The temperature in your house is important to your comfort. Installing temperature sensors or a smart thermostat system can let you adjust the temperature in your home from any room in the house or even for those who are in the house. Thermostat control can also help you use your energy more efficiently since you’re able to control the temperature of your house when you have to leave for long periods of time.

The good news is your security company can help you install some of these smart home accessories in Bothell.

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