When in need of air conditioning repair in Chicago, it is important to know when there are signs that the unit needs servicing. Keeping up with maintenance will not only keep your house comfortable during the summer, but it could also prevent larger issues with equipment down the line. Here are some signs it is time to schedule air conditioning repair:

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cool Air?

One of the most common issues when it comes to cool air production is a dirty filter. If you have pets or smoke at home, this could cause reduced airflow over time, leading to higher energy costs and less than optimal comfort levels for your family. Cleaning out filters every month is recommended to combat this problem.

Is There Unusually High Energy Usage?

If there are no visible signs that your unit is not running properly in any way, you may want to consider the system’s energy usage. If it seems to be much higher than normal compared to previous years, it could be because dirty coils restrict airflow. Dirty coils can cause weak airflow, which will result in high utility bills due to longer run times for the compressor and fan components.

It Makes Strange Noises or Doesn’t Run At All

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that an air conditioning repair in Chicago is needed would be unusual noises coming from the unit or if it just doesn’t turn on at all. This can happen when parts have stopped operating correctly, making it impossible to get the system turning. In addition, if there is a leak in the system, it will need to be repaired as soon as possible, or mold damage may occur due to the high humidity levels within your home.

Is It Hot Inside?

If you find yourself cranking up the temperature even though it’s wintertime and want to know what can cause that feeling of warmth, look for a dirty evaporator coil on the unit. If the evaporator coil is obstructed, it could cause poor airflow, making heating ineffective and cooling too since more energy must go into both processes compared to normal operation. Find out more from Heatmasters Heating & Cooling by visiting their website today.