Top Reasons You Need Professional AC Installation Services

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Business

The people in San Marcos TX are very independent, and they like to do a lot of their home renovations, upgrades, and even new system installations on their own. While there are a lot of things people can do around their home, central AC installation is not one that we recommend.

This isn’t because we are an HVAC company, but it is because of some of the very real, and potentially very challenging, issues with installing a central air conditioning unit. It isn’t simply pulling an old unit out and placing another in, there are adjustments, system checks and installation issues that can cause a lot of problems for people that aren’t trained and experienced in AC work.

Warranty Issues
One of the biggest, and most costly mistakes with do-it-yourself AC installation in San Marcos TX or anywhere else, is the issue of the manufacturer’s warranty. There are many different issues that can come up to void the warranty, leaving you with the cost of repairing the unit even before it ever turns on and blows cold air.

Most manufacturers will have language in their warranty that indicates that a licensed HVAC professional has to complete the AC installation or complete a full check of the system before you turn it on. Even running it for a couple of minutes to see if it works will void the warranty.

Correct Duct Systems
For a new installation, or even when replacing an existing air conditioner, our technicians will ensure the ductwork is correctly installed and operational. In some cases the issue with the cooling problem is not the AC system on its own, it can be damaged ducts and poor system that are simply not allowing the cool air to move through the house.

Codes, Permits, and Safety
All HVAC technicians are familiar with the relevant building codes and permits required to install a new or replacement air conditioning system. Often homeowners aren’t aware of this documentation and the requirements, which can create problems immediately or in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, incorrect wiring or electrical systems within an air conditioner can pose a very real safety risk. By using a professional service using licensed, trained and experienced HVAC technicians you can rest assured your installation is safe, dependable and working correctly before they leave your San Marcos TX home.

So, when it comes to making the decision to install it yourself or hire the pros, there is really no decision to make. You just need to pick up the phone and call our HVAC service to get your air conditioner up and running.

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