Tips on How to Appeal a VA Disability Claim that Wasn’t in Your Favor

by | Oct 27, 2020 | law

Filing for veterans’ benefits can be a challenging and difficult time for veterans who have earned this country’s respect due to their patriotism and duty. The process for filing and appealing any denied claims can be hard to figure out without expert legal assistance. Take these easy tips on how to appeal a VA disability claim that wasn’t in your favor.

Make Sure that Your Appeal Is Filed by the Deadline

Countless veterans who deserve to get their earned veterans’ benefits are denied their appeal because they took too long to file that appeal. Always return the appeal back in prior to the stated deadline. Other top reasons that get a claimant a denial is providing incomplete or false information on the legal documents. Most VA benefit appeals workers will look for evidence and medical proof of each disability claim.

Speak with a Seasoned VA Disability Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

It truly helps to take the small amount of time to sit down and discuss your specific case facts with an attorney that has the necessary background, training and experience in dealing with both filing a veteran benefit claim or appealing a negative finding. This can help streamline the complex process and give the claimant an idea of their chances in the courts.

Tips for Finding a Reputable VA Disability Lawyer

There are some highly-qualified appeal VA disability claim lawyers ready to fight for your legal rights under the law. Contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices online anytime.

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