Tips on Controlling Bed Bugs

by | Mar 19, 2013 | home-and-garden

Bed bugs are not just nasty and embarrassing to have in your home; they can also lead to a number of health conditions like skin rashes and allergies. These pests can infest your home furnishings in no time. Those who travel abroad frequently or have bought second hand or used furniture for their homes can suddenly find their home infested with these pests. Those with allergies to the saliva of the bed bugs can exhibit urticaria and erythema on prolonged exposure.

If you suspect you might have an infestation, you should call in expert exterminators immediately. Bed bugs multiply at astonishing rates. They are very difficult to eliminate. They can live up to one year without feeding and are extremely tenacious creatures. They do not isolate themselves to the bed. Bed bugs can be found in a variety of locations like seams of sofas, furniture cracks, under chairs and couches, inside electrical appliances, TVs, computers etc. inside clothes and backpacks, behind picture frames and wall paper and any other dark crevice or gap.

The increased bug populations in the US have been credited to increased resistance to pesticides. They have spread to every sort of habitat. Some even infest poultry, bird and bats! In fact they will feed on the blood of any warm blooded animal. Household pets are a favorite!

In order to control any infestation or to deter any possible infestation keep your home clutter free so that the pests can be easily detected. Use the hottest temperatures permissible when washing your bed linen. If you buy second hand furniture, inspect it carefully for bed bugs prior to bringing it home. Inspect your residence for infestations. Vacuuming and sanitizing your home and home furnishings and mattresses is recommended. If you detect any pests, call the pest control experts to your home.

Bed bugs don’t need poor hygiene conditions to flourish. They survive and thrive in all types of environs and in households all over the United States. A clean home does not indicate that your home is free of an infestation. They prefer more temperate climates and survive for about a year in cooler climates. They are nocturnal, opportunist pests and most active when the host is sleeping. Although they are not known to be disease transmitters, they are known to carry pathogens like plague and hepatitis-B in their bodies. Call an exterminator if you find signs of bed bugs. Minneapolis home owners can find experienced pest control professionals practicing fast effective techniques.
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