Tips for Selecting the Right Pergola for Your Yard

by | Mar 19, 2013 | home-improvement

If you are looking to make your backyard stunning, then adding something as simple as a pergola could do just that. Keep in mind however, that having one of these installed is going to cost you a decent amount of money, and for that reason you want to make sure that you have chosen the right one. There is a lot to be done in order to get your yard from drab to fab, but the end result will certainly be mind blowing. You’re going to need to consult with professionals who specialize in installing pergolas in Greenville SC to assist you. Below is a bit of information that will help you in securing the pergola of your dreams. Types of Pergolas There are two major types that you can consider. You can generally find either entryway or walkway pergolas. Entryways look similar to an arbor. These are usually a great choice if you are trying to accent your yard as they are much more attractive then adding a traditional gate or fence. Walkway pergolas are very similar to entryway units. The biggest difference however, is the positioning. Entryways are usually placed near the door, whereas with walkways they are generally installed in a path within your yard. Walkways are generally used for a dramatic change to you yard or also for convenience such as covering a pool, garden, or garage walk. Factors to Consider As you are working with an expert to install pergolas in Greenville SC, you have a few other factors that need to be considered before they can draft up a plan. Below are just a few of these you should consider: 1. Materials – The types of materials that you choose will drastically affect how much you’re going to ultimately pay to have the unit installed. If you have the funds to make a big investment, you might select materials such as wood. One of the most popular wood choices in the area is cedar wood. However, if you are on a limited budget you might select materials such as vinyl or aluminum for those installing smaller units. 2. Shape – Obviously you cannot complete the building plans without first determining the shape you wish to have. There are lots of different shapes you can select from depending on what area of your yard you are having it installed in. There are some that can come with an extension which would allow you to modify the shape in the future if need be. 3. Size – It is important to determine the size you’re interested in. You will need to first measure the area of the yard you have dedicated to the pergola. Also, keep in mind if you’re on a tight budget, size will also affect the price. Therefore, make sure that you consider this before agreeing to have it installed. 4. Shade – Last but not least is determining how much shade you’re interested in having. There are designs that allow for minimal shade, and others that allow for a lot of shade. If you’re short on cash, you can always adjust the shade later on. So as you can see, building your pergola will take some time, research, and patience, but with any luck you will soon be on your way to enjoying a new oasis.   Thinking of spicing up your yard space by installing pergolas in Greenville SC? For more information on building plans and installation visit.

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