Tips For Keeping Your AC Unit Running Efficiently

by | Mar 19, 2013 | heating-cooling

Air conditioning in Mesa is something that everyone must have in order for their home to remain comfortable and cool. Because the AC is used so often, utility bills can be quite high especially if your unit isn’t running as efficiently as it can be. So what exactly can you do to keep your system running at its best? The answer is that there are many steps you can take to assist your system in working to the best of its ability. You may consider planting shade trees around your home if possible. These trees may help cut in half the amount of sunlight that penetrates your home. When your property is shaded it can keep your home cooler which means that your AC unit has less work to do. While you will definitely still need to run your system in the hot climate, you may not hear it turning on as frequently because the sun isn’t beating down on your home. Another outdoor measure that can be taken to elevate the efficiency of your Air conditioning in Mesa is to maintain your yard on a regular basis. Many units have parts that are outside of the home placed relatively close to the house itself. If you fail to maintain your yard, things such as sticks, leaves, and debris may get caught in or around the unit causing it to malfunction or not work well. Keeping the area around your unit clear of debris can increase the efficiency in which it cools your home. A common rule of thumb is to regularly change out the air filter. When an air filter becomes excessively dirty not only will the air quality become poor in your home, but you may see a decrease in how well your system works. The cool air has to work much harder when your filter is clogged full of nasty debris. Air filters are quite cheap and can be found at almost any local department store. Making sure you change them on a regular basis (usually monthly) is a fairly easy process usually taking no more than a few minutes. While you can do a majority of the small maintenance by yourself, it is essential that you have a qualified AC contractor come out to your home to perform regular service. A technician can help you make sure there are no leaks or gaps in the air ducts running throughout your home. If these ducts are leaking, the cool air is escaping and you may be wasting quite a bit of money on monthly utility bills. With the knowledge and expertise that a contractor can offer you, you can be sure that your air conditioning in Mesa is running at its finest.   Chandler Air, Inc offers AC installation & repair services to regularly maintain your system and having a technician come out to your home to help you can enhance the ability of your air conditioning.

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